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1646 residency

1646 residency

For (inter)national artists and curators

The residency offers (inter)national artists and curators the possibility to stay and work/research at our location in the centre of The Hague. 1646’s residency aims to support innovative practices, develop global networks, and engage the local art community in The Netherlands.

The residency at 1646 is not focused on an end result, but on providing a space for research/work/reflection, while getting familiar with the context of The Hague and The Netherlands. There is no exhibition connected to the residency, though, a public event will conclude the residency period — the shape of which can be worked out in conversation with 1646. The residency period is up to 2 months and takes place at the end of the application year, between mid-September and mid-November 2022.

1646’s residency program provides:
Studio space of 5m x 3m inside our building. The studio comes with a wi-fi internet connection and residents have access to our technical facilities. Accommodation: a studio apartment nearby the gallery with private cooking facilities, internet and shared toilet and shower. Children and partners are welcome to join the residency.

Specification of budget provided:
€1500 incl. VAT. Artist/ Curator fee
€1000 incl. VAT. Production budget
€600 incl. VAT. Event
€500 incl. VAT. Travelling expense

Further information: