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4th Tuwaiq Sculpture

4th Tuwaiq Sculpture

Open Call for stone sculptors from around the world

The open call for the 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture is now open. Applications will close on September 18. Following a rigorous review process, 30 local and international sculptors will be invited to participate in the symposium, where they will create large scale sculptures in a live setting, made from either granite or Riyadh stone.

Applications are open to stone sculptors from around the world with at least five years of experience exhibiting permanently or temporarily in outdoor spaces or galleries.

The theme for the 4th Tuwaiq Sculpture is ‘Energy of Harmony’. Art reflects on the fundamental characteristic of human existence—the ongoing synthesis of the opposing forces. While omnipresent dualities are rooted in everyday life, they also exist in conversations about aesthetics. To attain harmony means to strike a balance between contrast and similarity, variation and repetition, sparsity and abundance, inactivity and vibrance.

A jury panel comprising five renowned experts in their field have been chosen to review each application, and 30 artists will be commissioned to create new works at Tuwaiq Sculpture. This year’s edition is curated by Marek Wolynski.

Through an interactive program of workshops, school visits, and talks, Tuwaiq Sculpture engages diverse communities and bolsters cultural exchanges. The symposium culminates in an on-site exhibition, with the sculptures enriching the Riyadh Art collection and later becoming a permanent feature of the Saudi capital’s urban fabric.

Symposium will take place from January 8 to February 4, 2023. Exhibition will take place from February 5 – 10, 2023 at JAX District, Al Diriyah. Artists are expected to travel to Riyadh on January 4 and leave Riyadh on February 10, 2023.

After the Exhibition, the sculptures will be permanently relocated to Qasr Al-Hukm District, the heart of the city, making the artworks an integral part of Riyadh’s topography.

The following will be provided for each Artist: economy flight ticket, ground transportation from and to the airport in Riyadh as well as the symposium, hotel accommodation and food and beverages (three meals a day). An artist fee of 37,500 (SAR) will be paid to every participating Artist. The payment will take place at the end of Tuwaiq Sculpture in compliance with the required work condition. In case an Artist will not be able to complete the sculpture for any given reason, the fee will not be paid.

Artists must have at least five years of experience in stone carving. Artists agree to propose an original artwork that has never been created before and is not a copy of a previously made sculpture.

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