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Albany Creative Justice Art Project

Albany Creative Justice Art Project

New public artwork

The City of Albany Arts Committee invites artists to submit proposals for the Albany Creative Justice Art Project – the creation of a new public artwork that will actively engage residents of Albany in Creatively addressing past, present and future issues of social justice in the city and region. Applications are welcome from individuals as well as teams, collectives, and collaborators.

Proposed projects should aim to address and prompt discussion on experiences of race, ethnicity, identity, and justice in Albany by inviting openness, exchange, and a healthier civic environment within the city. The artist should consider working with various constituencies (youth/students, civic leaders, seniors, community groups, public agencies, etc.) for the purpose of informing and collaborating on the production of the artwork, broadly conceived.

Project proposals may include diverse contemporary art strategies, including but not limited to: community art, social practice, socially-engaged art, collaborative art, interactive public art, process-based art, research-based art, relational aesthetics, and other community-focused approaches. In keeping with local arts funding ordinances, the final work must be resolved in one of the following formats: sculpture, monument, mural, fountains, fresco, relief, painting, drawing, etching, original print and collage, mosaic, ceramic, weaving, carving, stained glass, wood, metal, plastic, textile, earthworks, digital art, or electronic art. Aspects of proposed projects may be process-based or durational and are open to all media, including, but not limited to, visual and performing arts, media arts, socially-engaged art, and various community art practice.

The total budget for proposed projects should not exceed $30,000, including an artist fee and all production costs. Depending on specific project needs some material costs, equipment, space, or services may be available through municipal resources or community partners.

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