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Artist-in-Residence Programme ArtNatureNatureArt in Glenkeen Garden in Ireland


Artist-in-Residence Programme in Glenkeen Garden in Ireland

The Crespo Foundation has launched a new project: the artist-in-residence programme “ArtNature/NatureArt” in West Cork on the south coast of Ireland. The aim of the programme is to encourage the development of groups of young artists from Europe and Russia and raise the international profile of their work.

The theme of art and nature comes from the location of the residency, the Glenkeen Garden estate. To explore this topic as extensively and as deeply as possible, the Crespo Foundation provides artists with a network of humanities scholars and scientists for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary exchange.

The intention is for Glenkeen Garden Residencies to give space, time and inspiration for close collaboration as a team, with the goal of producing innovative works that will then be shown in Frankfurt am Main and other European cities, as well as virtually to a broader public.

Art collectives working in different disciplines are invited to apply to spend two to three months staying and working at Glenkeen Garden. The residencies take place twice a year. The next two residency phases are from August to October 2022 and March to May 2023.

Images and sounds, installations and environments can open up innovative perspectives about and in nature. Glenkeen Garden is intended to be a platform for artists in dialogue with scientists to develop projects in the context of ArtNature/NatureArt. The residency programme allows a new generation of artists to explore and see the garden from different perspectives. Their works produce an artistic kaleidoscope in which Glenkeen Garden is reflected as a perfect representation of the relationship between people, art and nature.

The stay at Glenkeen Garden during the residency programme is to be used to work on an artistic project about nature. The programme is intended for visual artists (painting, drawing, installation, video, photography), composers/sound artists and writers. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work is particularly welcome. Applications are only permitted as a group of at least two and a maximum of five people. The competition is open to artists from Europe and Russia. Residencies are only awarded to people aged between 30 and 45.

The residency should be used for artistic production and should lead to a work of art or an elaborated artistic concept that is placed at the Foundation’s disposal for exhibitions, performances or publications. The residency will last at least two and no more than three months.

Services provided by the Crespo Foundation: Free accommodation (bedroom and bathroom) on site in one guesthouse and a space in which to work. The programme participants share the kitchens in the guesthouses. Monthly remuneration of € 2,500 per person; this covers the costs of materials and supplies. Travel costs for the journey to and from Glenkeen Garden only will be paid.

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