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View of Johannes-Selenka-Platz © HBKFrank Sperling

Braunschweig Projects 2022/2023

Artist Funding of the State of Lower Saxony at the University of Art Braunschweig (HBK Braunschweig)

Under the title “Braunschweig Projects”, the HBK Braunschweig announces a total of 7 scholarships for the year 2022 on behalf of the State of Lower Saxony:

– 5 scholarships in the field of visual arts
– 2 scholarships in the field of sound art

The scholarships are part of the promotion of young artists by the university and the state. They are aimed at artists who would like to work on a project in the immediate vicinity of the HBK Braunschweig. With their project proposal, the scholarship holders should make a significant contribution towards the further development of forms of artistic practice.

They are integrated into the university by a mentor from the liberal arts professors. All professors of the liberal arts are available for artistic discourse with the scholarship holders. The university actively supports the mediation process.

The scholarship holders have the opportunity to communicate the current status of their artistic project within the university during the scholarship period; in addition, they are obliged to participate in a joint final presentation.

Funding is provided in the form of scholarships of 1,250 euros per month over a period of 12 months. During this period, students are required to reside at the HBK for at least 8 months during the lecture period in the summer and winter semesters. The funding period begins on 01.04.2022.

A project and travel allowance is available. After deducting the travel costs of all scholarship holders, the remaining amount is divided among the scholarship holders on the basis of a project calculation in consultation with the chosen mentor. The focus of the award is on the final exhibition as a joint project.

A residential studio in Braunschweig, designed for one person, will be provided rent-free for the duration of the stay in Braunschweig against reimbursement of the incidental rental costs of approximately 75 euros per month.

A prerequisite for the award of a scholarship is a successfully completed art degree. The last degree must be at least 3 years – and no longer than 10 years – ago. Extensive artistic practice and exhibition activity must be evident from the documentation.

A scholarship cannot be granted if the applicant receives regular benefits from third parties (e.g. residence, work scholarships, salary payments) or a state subsidy during the funding period.

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