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Common Ground Project

Common Ground Project

Creation of an international database

Common Ground Project is looking for artworks that reflect on the covid-19 crisis and the post-pandemic world.

The COMMON GROUND PROJECT proposes a creation of an international database of artworks produced from December 2019 to December 2021. Common Ground invites artists around the world to share video, image, sound, text and/or web based pieces. Out of this database, a series of online and offline events and exhibitions will be curated.

The main immediate goal is to collect a large and varied snapshot of artistic reactions to the covid-19 pandemic. How did people in various corners of the world cope with the confinement and the post-confiment? How can we reshape the world and break with old patterns? This project should grow exponentially, and beyond the covid-19 crisis, so we can keep reflecting on how to create common grounds amonst humans and between humans and more-than-humans.

All submitted pieces are shared on the social network pages of the project. On a subsequent phase, selected artworks will be showcased in different events – offline and online exhibitions, screening and performances. Whenever possible, the selected artists will receive the corresponding artist fee for each event.

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