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Diversity in the arts

Call for proposals

Flanders Arts Institute sees diversity as a precondition for sustainable cohesion, a driver of innovation, and necessary for broad social support for the arts. Which is why this latest call under ‘A Fair New Idea?!’ is in search of ideas and proposals that can strengthen diversity within the Flanders and Brussels arts field. Flanders Arts Institute wish to do this from the perspective of intersectionality: with special attention to the different dimensions in which people experience discrimination, and how they influence each other.

The call does not support purely artistic projects. The aim is to strengthen the arts field in its pursuit of diversity.

The call consists of two rounds:
ROUND 1: deadline Friday 10 September at 00:00 CET. For round 1, you are required to submit a short pitch. This can be done in Dutch or English. All ideas will be shared online on their web platform on the day of the deadline. An independent jury will select seven short pitches, each of which will receive an amount of 400 euros to submit a detailed proposal.
ROUND 2: deadline Friday 22 October at 00:00 CET. Seven selected candidates submit a detailed proposal. The jury has an envelope of 12,000 euros available to allocate to one winning proposal, or to divide among multiple (max 3) strong proposals.

Further information: