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Immersive Call #1 Public Immersion

Immersive Call #1: Public Immersion

Inter Arts Center (IAC) is happy to announce its first Immersive Call in collaboration with KØS – Museum of Art in Public Spaces in Denmark.

The first Immersive Call aims to investigate what could be read as a contradiction, public immersion. When we talk about immersion, we tend to imagine an auditive or visual immersion into a world that excludes our surroundings, which is exactly what the public is all about – other people, and the spaces or sites that surrounds and connect us.

IAC encourages artists whose practice evolve around public space, extended reality, world building and/or immersive technologies to apply for this open call with new bold projects or adaptions of existing works. IAC is interested in the inherent contradiction of the term public immersion, and in addition to this in the overall question that Sites, sounds and screens raises about immersive technologies: How do these technologies change the way we conceive, experience and engage with sites and locations? As artists and audience? Can we reconfigure or negotiate the dominating site-specific approaches through new technologies?

What IAC offers: the best application receives an artist grant of 3000 EUR. In addition to this the call covers all travel and accommodation, and a basic production budget in line with the proposed project.
A long term residency in a dynamic environment for artistic development and experimentation with the opportunity for both qualified audiences, meetings, discussions and feedback sessions at IAC (the residency can be split up into more than one period).
Technical resources.
Oossibilities of presenting a work-in-progress or the finished project at IAC’s Immersive Days gathering, November 2022, and/or at the concluding exhibition and symposium at KØS in 2024.

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