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International Women In Photo Association Award

International Women In Photo Association Award

For women photographers

The International Women in Photo Association promotes women photographers by highlighting and exposing their practices and talents to an international audience.

Participation in this international competition is open to women photographers, and those who identify as women, working in any field of photography from fine arts to photojournalism, amateurs or professionals, from any country in the world. Minimum age is 18 years, regardless of nationality.

Themes 2021: Free theme or « Solidarity » theme. Photographer has to specify under which theme she enters the IWPA award.

IWPA award Prize consists on a traveling exhibition through the year for the laureate, the five finalists and the winners of the special nominations (Canon Discovery, Solidarity theme, KG+ Discovery and the IWPA Special Mention in 2021) in key cities around the world, in Europe, Asia and Middle East, such as Geneva, Tokyo, or Dubai. The Laureate will also benefit from a 6 months photojournalism training at EFTI in Madrid. The training consists of a 3 month course at EFTI premises and 3 months distance mentoring by EFTI teachers of the student personal project. Enrolement and start of the course must be done before the end of 2022.

A selection of one (1) to then (10) photographs of the photographers’ set to be printed and exhibited during the traveling exhibitions. The number of editions depends on numbers of locations. IWPA, its sponsors and local partners are responsible to print the editions. These editions can be for sale during the exhibition (with the photographer’s authorisation and agreed prices), or kept by IWPA for future exhibition purposes or destroyed. In case of sale, 50% of the proceeds go to the photographer and the other 50% to IWPA (who in its discretion may donate some or all of these sums to its nominated charity partner).

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