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Intensive Residency Program in Procida — bjcem

Intensive Residency Program in Procida

IS.LAND is a two weeks (12th – 26th September 2022) intensive residency program organized by BJCEM on the island of Procida in the framework of Procida Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2022.

Upon presentation of a site-specific research, five international artists under 35 and from the Mediterranean area will be invited to develop a process-based project on the island with the aim of collaborating with local communities and professionals in the production of an artwork of any nature. The participation of the five IS.LAND residents will be framed by a wider curatorial project – The Tending of the Otherwise – imagined by Simone Frangi and Alessandro Castiglioni and promoted and developed by BJCEM on the occasion of Procida Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2022. The participation to IS.LAND will lead to an Open Studio on the 25th of September 2022 where the five artistic projects will be publicly presented to local and international audiences. The development of the projects in Procida will be accompanied by the curators, BJCEM team and the production team of Procida Capitale della Cultura.

The projects proposed by the candidates for IS.LAND should have a context-aware nature and take in consideration the geopolitical specificity of the island of Procida where they will unfold. The project will also have to deeply resonate with the curatorial framework The Tending of the Otherwise.

IS.LAND is open to artists with an interest in the cultural and artistic productions in the Mediterranean and in insular and small territories.
In order to be eligible for IS.LAND candidates have to be under 35 (born after 1987) and come from or be based in the following territories: Albania, Algeria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Norway, Palestine, Republic of San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UK.

The participation to this call is free of charge.
Each selected candidate will receive a fee of 1000 euros. All the other expenses related to the participation to the residency (tickets, accommodations, per diem and production costs) will be directly covered by BJCEM.

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