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Italian Sustainability Photo Award

Italian Sustainability Photo Award 2023

Photography award

ISPA is a photography award that was created in order to tell the story of the world of sustainability in Italy. Entry to ISPA is free and is open to all photographers, whatever their profession or country of origin. ISPA is inspired by ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) values, while the total amount of prize money is €15,000.

Up to five projects to be carried out in Italy may be submitted (together with between 10 and 30 images, taken either in Italy or abroad). They must be accompanied by a text and a development plan, both in English (obligatory) and Italian (optional). The best project will be funded with a grant of 10,000 euros and will be completed over six months between April and October 2023.
A maximum of 10 photographs may be submitted, taken in Italy after January 1st 2020, with captions in English (obligatory) and Italian (optional). Single Photos that are also included in Photo Stories are permitted. The best Single Photo will be awarded a prize of 1,500 euros.
A maximum of 10 Photo Stories may be submitted. Each Photo Story must contain between eight and 12 images, accompanied by an explanatory text, in English (obligatory) and Italian (optional). The photos must be accompanied by captions in English (obligatory) and Italian (optional). At least half of the photos presented must have been taken in Italy, after January 1st 2020. The best story will be awarded a prize of 3,500 euros.

During the application process photographers will be asked to choose one of the three macro ESG themes to which the single photo, photo story or grant proposal that they are uploading belongs. The three themes are: Environmental sustainability; Social sustainability; Sustainable Governance.

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