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Kunstbiennale ortung 12

Schwabacher Art Prize

FESTIVAL THEME: “INSPIRED BY GOLD”. The theme “Inspired by gold” pays tribute to Schwabach‘s history as a gold-beating town.

We invite artists to transform spaces and locations in Schwabach’s town centre into exhibition and performance spaces in keeping with the theme of “Inspired by gold”. Our invitation is open to painters, sculptors, graphic designers, textile artists, all types of installation artists (including video, performance and architectural) and computer artists.

An expert panel will select 20 competition entries in a two-stage selection process.

Participants in ortung 12 may apply for their expenses to be paid. EUR 700 will be paid in the case of art presented in an interior setting. For works of art presented outdoors, artists will receive a flat rate of EUR 1,200.

The artist is responsible for installing and removing their work of art/project. Artworks must be fully installed and ready for photographing prior to the opening of the event, no later than by 1 August 2021. The exhibited works must be collected again by 24 August 2021. All spaces must be fully returned to their prior condition.

The town of Schwabach will be awarding an art prize worth EUR 5,000 during the art festival. This prize will be awarded by a jury, which will view the exhibits and make its decision on Wednesday, 4 August 2021.
An audience prize will also be awarded at the conclusion of the two-week festival. All of the visitors to the art trail will be able to vote for the installation of their choice and thus for the winning artist. The winner of the audience prize, worth EUR 2,500 and donated by the company ratioplast GmbH, will be announced at the close of the event at 5pm on Sunday, 22 August 2021.

The award winner is generally rewarded with the option of staging a solo exhibition at the Schwabach town art gallery during the following year.

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