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Passion To Perform

Passion To Perform

Fostering Artistic Expression Across The Globe

Passion To Perform is an international art contest that aims to recognize and reward outstanding emerging art talent. Passion To Perform celebrates the interconnection between performance and passion, and aims to award winning entrants with meaningful compensation that can positively impact each artist’s practice and encourage them to pursue their passion.

Passion to Perform is an initiative of Yamana Gold, a leading gold producer. Pieces of art that become part of the permanent Passion To Perform collection may be displayed in Yamana Gold’s offices, thereby visually communicating a sense of performance to employees and visitors alike.

For this year’s contest, artists were welcome to submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures and photography. The following prizes were awarded in $USD based on a jury selection:
$7,000 for first place
$3,500 for second place
$1,500 for third place
In addition, a fund has been established to acquire additional artworks from the shortlist of finalists, which will then become part of the permanent collection.

The competition is open to any person practicing art, and each artist can submit up to 2 entries.
The panel of judges will initially review entries made through the online system. Following this, approximately 35 artists will be short listed. Entry is free.

The entrant must specify the price of the artwork in the online registration form, as part of the initial online entry. This price will form the “catalogue selling price”, in the event the corporation wishes to acquire the artwork. This price is independent of shipping and insurance which will be borne by the company. The value for the artworks can only be up to USD $1,500 in order to accommodate the possible acquisition of the artwork by Yamana Gold.

All of the short listed works will be transported to the corporate offices of Yamana Gold in Toronto, Canada, using regional collection centres set up by the company with reputable courier firms. The cost of shipment and insurance of the short listed entries will be borne by the company.

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