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Petrohradská kolektiv Artist In Residence 2022

Petrohradská kolektiv Artist In Residence 2022

For active artists, creators, and theoreticians

Petrohradská kolektiv announces an open call for artists to participate in an international program Artist in Residence for the year 2022. Residency is an opportunity for independent professional development, artistic exchange, networking, and experiments.

The resulting artistic outcomes of the residencies will be showcased in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery at the Petrohradská kolektiv complex. The main theme of the exhibition program for 2022 is Transformation.

Residencies are intended mainly for artists with interests in creative sharing and participation in the field of Prague contemporary art scene.

Petrohradská kolektiv offers:
Accommodation and a studio in the Petrohradská kolektiv complex
Covering the travel and material costs (up to 200€)
Technical support and consultation
Exhibition in Jedna Dva Tři Gallery (or an alternative)
Free entrance to all the events organized by Petrohradská kolektiv

Participation in the residential program requires communication skills in English or in Czech. Each resident is obligated to prepare a final report of their stay including a photo documentation. Participants of the AiR program of Petrohradská kolektiv are required to spend at least 75% of the duration of their stay in the place of the residency. The stays include an author’s presentation (or its online equivalent) and an exhibition output or else.

AiR 2022 will take place between April 15 – November 30 2022. The duration of the residency is 4-6 weeks, when the participant is obliged to finish their project and prepare it for the presentation in a form of exhibition.
In the selection procedure, a maximum of 8 applicants will be selected to participate in the AiR program.

Further information: