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Open Call for 10 unique residencies for artists

Through this open call S+T+ARTS wants to kick-start a series of collaborative processes between artists, researchers and communities that generate projects to raise awareness and/or offer concrete solutions for regional water challenges in Europe.

S+T+ARTS believes that artists are crucial in creating the right conditions for bringing out the best in people: imagination, wonder, culture, awareness, disruptive ideas, knowledge and opportunities. The aim of the residencies is for YOU to engage the creative ecosystems of local companies, research institutions and communities in a collaborative process of art and innovation. This process can lead to tangible artworks that develop knowledge and raise awareness of water challenges, or to digital applications & processes that contribute to the local development of sustainable water use and management.

STARTS4Water Consortium invites artists to apply for one of the ten residencies that are being launched by its European partners: LUCA School of Arts (Belgium) in collaboration with Gluon (Belgium), Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary – TBA21 (Austria), Universal Research Institute (Croatia) ,V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (The Netherlands), Ohi Pezoume/ UrbanDig Project (Greece) and Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto (Italy) and STARTS partner BOZAR- Centre for Fine Arts (Brussels).

This call is looking for artists to contribute to the sustainable management of water in a variety of ways through experimental use of and/or critical reflection on digital technologies. Can we rethink the paradigms that have guided water policy and investments to date through artistic practice and art-inspired thinking and by increasing the use of new technologies? How can technology become a collaborator in the development of new pathways rather than a mere solution? What is at stake in terms of how we experience, understand and value water systems?

The call is open to professional and experienced artists from any art-related field, both individuals and working groups, regardless of gender or religion, ethnicity or age who are willing to collaborate with an expert network of curators, scientists and technology (ICT) professionals and contribute to the discourse on local water challenges as well as concrete, digitally based solutions.

10 grants will be awarded. The budget for each residency is 40.000€, including artwork production and artist fee.

Further information: