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VH Award

VH Award

Award For Asian Media Artists

Qualifying audiovisual screen-based work may include but not be limited to video art, moving images, film, motion graphics, computer animation, game, movie and etc.
This award is for Asian artists engaged with the context of Asia and its futures (not limited to those who live in Asia).

NEW ARTWORK PROPOSAL: Artworks must be presentable on various forms of screens for post-exhibition. Artworks must be a new creation and must have never been submitted to any other competition/award or presented in any other format, exhibition, or event.

The five finalists must submit an updated Production Plan by September, 2022.

All five finalists will receive $25,000 (USD) to produce their selected artworks.
The five finalists will be given the opportunity of attending Eyebeam online residency through a total of 10 sessions from October to December.

Five finalists will present their works through online/offline global art platforms.
The final Grand Prix winner will be announced during the ceremony held in May, 2023 awarded with additional $25,000 (USD) reward and an award certificate. Grand Prix work will also be exhibited in various global platforms.

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