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Call for Applications - Villa Albertine Season 2

Villa Albertine Season 2

Call for Applications

From January to December 2023, Villa Albertine will be supporting one-to three-month long exploratory residencies across the United States.

Through the concept of exploratory residencies, Villa Albertine invites participants to explore a territory and to meet key local actors in order to nourish an original artistic or intellectual reflection which could not be developed otherwise. The project can be either a new proposal conceived for Villa Albertine or research the resident has been conducting before they arrive in the US. In both cases, the raison d’être of the project is its relation to the place where it takes place. Although it involves presenting something, in any form, its outcome does not need to be centered on the production of a specific work or format, as a production residency would. 

Villa Albertine is looking for creators, researchers, and culture professionals with an original research project they wish to pursue in the arts and the world of ideas that requires an immersive stay in the United States. These projects should necessarily relate to the challenges of the region to be explored and should open up active dialogue with local actors. 

The professional disciplines considered include – but are certainly not limited to – the following: visual arts, architecture, design, arts and crafts, performing arts, street arts, music of all genres, cinema, television series, literature, non-fiction, graphic novels, children’s books, social sciences and humanities, museums, cultural heritage, art history, immersive experiences (XR), video games, podcasts, and culinary arts. Multi-disciplinary projects are also accepted. 

There are two possible residency formats: 
City-based residency: The resident carries out their project in a specific city, whether it is one of the ten cities where Villa Albertine has a permanent team, or another city. 
Roving residency: A limited number of projects will be selected for a residency taking place across several locations in the United States. 

Villa Albertine will support the resident in their analysis of material and logistical requirements for the project to be carried out properly. Villa Albertine will organize the resident’s arrival and stay and will cover related travel costs and living expenses. Villa Albertine cannot commit to covering expenses other than the travel costs and living expenses.

Between the eligibility requirements: have the backing of a French partner associated with the residency project, which can be any public or private French entity (a cultural institution, an organization, a publishing house, a firm in a creative and cultural industry, etc.) and should let Villa Albertine know about their interest in supporting the applicant in a letter addressed to Villa Albertine’s director.

Further information: